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"I feel more


I work at a medical clinic and the stress is significant, on top of all the trauma at home. I want all my coworkers to have this, it could really help them.”

~Jennifer K.

"I can quiet my busy

brain now.

I feel more resilient and can be more positive. I struggle to relax, and this helps me. I’m a little more aware of my struggles, but I also feel more capable to handle them.”

~Hesston P.

"I feel like I can do


My knee doesn’t hurt as much, I’ve had fewer headaches, and I stayed calm in a situation where I usually lose it. I’ve also started taking better care of myself. I watch what I eat, drink more water, and get in my 10,000 steps a day.” 

~Lesli E.


Don't Get Caught in the Undertow

Trauma is at the Root of Stress

The Costs of Stress

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