At Life Above the Line, we focus on helping people improve the quality of their lives.


Since 2014, we have been developing and teaching concepts, skills, and techniques that help people overcome the challenges in their lives. We've written two books--with another one on the way--to make this content easily accessible to all.

In living a life above the line, the line represents the threshold between surviving and thriving or between survival mode and creation mode. We want to help you gain power over your challenges like never before.


Creator, Founder of Life Above the Line LLC

Tiffany is a #1 bestselling author, international speaker and trainer, and professional coach. Her expertise is in content creation and freeing people from their internal bondage.


Co-founder of Life Above the Line LLC

Chris has a background in sales, management, coaching, and service to humanity. His emphasis is on topics and practices related to human freedom and empowerment in business, athletics, and life.


Certified Life Above the Line Coach and Trainer

Shane comes to us by way of publishing and biomedical industries, international humanitarian work, and higher education, with expertise in instructional design, corporate training, and coaching.


Certified Life Above the Line Coach and Trainer

Sarah is a bestselling author and has a background in speaking, coaching, and training. She is also an expert in essential oils.